Trained in photography at the Atelier de l'image et du son in the South of France.
I moved to London in 2017 and started working for the I Heart Studios as a digital retoucher. I had the opportunity to work for Harrods, New Look, Primark,  Ann Summers, Tommy Hilfiger,etc...
In 2019, I went freelance to have the possibility to work for lots of different clients. Since then I worked as a photographer, digital operator, photographer assistant and retoucher. 

However, after 4 incredible years in the UK, in March 2022 I decided to move to Sydney, Australia.

Studios : Spring , Big Sky Partnership, The Product Factory, Creative Drive, Wellcom, 09h29, and TY Online.
Brands : Net-a-porter, Selfridges&Co, Glitter Disco Child, Create A Movement, Excuse my French, Mr Simms Old Sweet Shop, AB Boutique, Ayria, My Pure Lifestyle ..

Photographers : Ian Harrisson, Rick Truscott, Chris Bracewell, Tory Smith, Nerys Jones, Dan Williams and Henry Gorse

Studios : Spring Studio, Photoworks, Wellcome Studio


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